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(727) 323-8588
P. O. BOX 12835
Founded in 1984, Bam Bam Productions, Inc. is full-service, state-of-the-art recording studio that is positioned to
service a variety of clients and client needs. Whether an aspiring artist, advertising agency, record label, film/video
production company, radio station, corporate entity, event planner, community group, parent, etc., Bam Bam
Productions stands ready to fulfill your need and/or equip you to fulfill your dream.

Bam Bam Productions is committed to service excellence. Its care for its clients and attention to detail has
attracted an array of talent that crosses a variety of genres that includes: Gospel, R & B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz,
and Country. The company focuses on helping individuals and organizations enjoy maximum returns on their
investments through education and training; consultation; talent review and/or selection; and the crafting of
solutions that help support the client’s entertainment, marketing, or personal goals and objectives.
Bam Bam Productions artists have provided opening acts for some great notables and events such as: John P. Kee;
Dawkins & Dawkins; Shirley Caesar; the National Baptist Convention; the Texas Jazz Festival; and the Suncoast
Jazz Festival, just to name a few.

Under the leadership of Clarence Skinner, CEO, Bam Bam Productions is poised to connect with the global music
industry. Having been exposed to the music at a very young age, Skinner has over 25 years of experience in the
music arena as a musician and songwriter. His vision for Bam Bam Productions is to make St. Petersburg, FL a
haven for developing talent that can be connected to the broader global music community. Understanding the
nuisances one can encounter within the music industry and the journey ahead for Bam Bam Productions, Skinner
is determined to allow his strong spiritual foundation to be the guiding principle for how he conducts his business.
In addition, Skinner uses discipline gained during his past experience in the Navy and over 15 years as a Sherriff
deputy, to lead the company and keep it focused on its quest.
Bam Bam Productions recognizes the many opportunities available within the music industry. I am always looking
to build new relationships and stand ready to add new names to my growing list of satisfied clients and partners.